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Our available project engineer’s and design staffs are seasoned Communications experts and can assist throughout the development process. We have available RCDD’s (Registered Communications Distribution Designer’s) that can work with clients to deliver quality installation plans.

Cabling systems that we design are based upon the latest standards for scalability and future technologies. We believe in the numerous benefits of a standards based solution offers, but we are also fully aware that some situations require created solutions and variances in industry standards to facilitate the customer’s best interest.

It is our responsibility to:
  • Design quality cable systems that are cost effective
  • Minimize the number of variances used in a design
  • Notify the client of short and long-term effects of any variances
  • Suggest appropriate solutions that will meet clients needs
In all cases, we can design a cabling system that is right for your organization. We will work hand-in-hand with your internal engineering teams and equipment. Manufactures to ensure the correct solution is delivered. 

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